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Trip Route Planner App

Technology in the tourism sector is a benefit for those who use it, that is why in this post I will tell you how it is possible to plan a high-end trip, or even a plan for backpackers, with the use of different mobile applications. 

Next, we present mobile applications to plan your trips in a safe and organized way. With these different apps you can organize your routes, access maps to guide you and move without fear in any city you do not know, locate the different transports, see flight recommendations, hotels, places to visit, restaurants, among others. Everything from your cell phone and at the time you want it. Know them!


Travel Route App


Plan optimal routes or design your own trip using time, elevation, curves and more. Then, navigate safely with turn-by-turn voice instructions that automatically check your route according to severe weather conditions.



App with which you can plan your trip in a matter of minutes. In a few steps you can enjoy a personalized travel guide that you can download, print and share. 

Tripomatic is very simple, you must enter the destination city, select the dates of your trip and those monuments and attractions that you do not want to miss. Once selected the general steps, you can distribute the activities on each of the days you are enjoying your experience and not leave anything in the inkwell. 

This app is available for iPhone and is free.  


Trip It 

An essential app for any traveler: organize in one place all the data of your stay, flights, itineraries, hotel reservations, appointments ... You can consult them at any time and from a single application. 

Available for iPhone, Androidy, Blackberry. 


Travel Tracker Map App 


We have all seen in that situation that we have reluctantly lost the data connection because, yes, we had lost. But now you can say goodbye to pay for data download with MAPS.ME. This application puts at your service all maps, but without the need to connect to the Internet. You just have to remember to download the maps before traveling! Available for iPhone and Android. 


Momondo places 

With maps that work offline, more than 200 tips from local people and a color-coded filter, the city guide "momondo places" will make you discover your destinations as you never had before. Color coding based on your mood helps you make more precise searches and find what you're looking for. 


MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

If you are going to travel by car in your destination, it is likely that you miss your GPS. With a smartphone equipped with geolocation and Map Factor Navigator, you can make up for its absence thanks to its 'offline' map service (you will not need to be connected to the network and, therefore, spend money) and navigation. You only have to previously download the map of the country you are going to and you will have it available during your stay. 


Travel Management App 

My World Heritage Passport 

If we focus on the true soul of travel, that is, its heritage and attractions, the best reference can not be other than Unesco. The famous organization developed its own app, which feeds on Flickr images, Yahoo blogs and personalized searches by year, city or country. A forced. 



Imagine being able to control most of the documentation and services (flights, rental cars, public transport) in a single app. Business travelers will appreciate it, but if yours is a long trip without an exhaustive planning, this app adds and suggests numerous services for each stage of the trip.



It is an application that serves to organize the trip since you can create notes, notes and get material for new ideas. 


Travel Help App  

Around me 

AroundMe locates your position and shows you the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, theater and taxi stand. Very useful if you want to watch a movie ... Or especially when you fall ill on a trip, for example. Available for iPhone and Android. 



With 36 cities, CityMapper combines all means of transportation available in each city to find the best way to get from one place to another. It is simple, easy to use and super effective. Try it! 



Everyone has their time application, but we love WeatherPRO. It comes with lots of information, including weather in ski resorts, beaches with information on the UV index and water temperature and, most importantly, right. Available for iPhone and Android. 


Business Travel App 


It is an App thanks to which you can book workspaces and meeting rooms for hours in hotels, coworking or business centers easily and quickly in a single click. This application, besides allowing you to save time and money, also helps you to be more productive in your business trips. 



Keeping track of expenses can be a headache. But with Concur this procedure is simplified to the maximum. With it you can photograph receipts, import the expenses that you have made with a credit card and manually add any payment you have made. In addition, you can link with Tripit to keep track of different trips at once. For Android and for iOS. 


Wi-Fi Finder

The application available on iOS and Android, for phones and tablets, allows you to find Wi Fi connections. 


Travel Expense App 


With TravelBank you can indicate the budget you have for your trip and this application will help you create a table based on your expenses. 

Platforms: iOS and Android 


Settle Up

If you travel with friends, it is more than likely that problems will arise about what each one has paid and to whom the money should be returned. With Settle Up, you will only have to enter the amounts that each one has paid and this app will calculate who owes money to whom it is necessary to pay. 

Platforms: iOS (2.29 euros), Android (Free). 



Another similar option for group travel calculations; You will see how much has been spent and then you get what each one has to pay. You can also share the result in whatsapp. 

Platforms: iOS, Android. Free


Travel Route Planner Peru




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