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Central Restaurant in Peru

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Central Restaurant in Peru

In Central, the biodiversity of Peru is celebrated. Fresh supplies and an inexhaustible curiosity to discover new and interesting ingredients on your menu in the place of avant-garde Peruvian cuisine in the heart of the traditional district of Miraflores. In this space, they are committed to the landscape and the values of the new generations, lightness, health, aesthetics, recreation and harmony. A future of reflection and innovation. With that imprint, Central exhibits an exquisite salon. It is a comfortable place, with rustic details and modern decoration, where you can breathe a serene atmosphere. There you can find raw salmon, lime and ginger, crunchy coca, green olives guacamole; the escabeches of ajíes, Iberian ham and Morusa de Pallares; the thousand leaves of oats, lavender, figs and pine nuts; the agnolotti of mushrooms (shells, shrimp and squid and Padano grana broth); or the croaker on rice with prawns and porcon. In addition, there are very good sweet options such as tiramisu kalhua, chocolate, expresso and amaretto; and tasty drinks like "Camu Camu" (vodka, coca, Grand Marnier). 


Lima Peru Food 

Since pre-Columbian times, the ingredients have been obtained from everywhere, from the majestic heights of the Andes to the depths of the Pacific Ocean and the region east of the Amazon. 


In addition to taking inspiration from the Incas, modern Peruvian cuisine has influences from Japan, China, Italy and Spain. 

The best restaurants in Lima such as Central and Maido serve some of the best dishes in the world, allowing you to taste fantastic gastronomy full of flavor and texture. 




Ceviche Catering

Indisputably it is the emblematic dish of Peru. To make the most of the extensive coastline of 2,414 km, the chefs marinate fresh seafood such as pejerrey, sea bass, tuna, octopus, sole, black squid or sea urchin, in lemon juice before seasoning them with chili pepper or hot pepper.



The heart of beef is seasoned with garlic, cumin, red pepper and marinade of vinegar, and then placed in a brazier as if it were a shish kebab. They are succulent, soft and have an intense flavor ... the anticuchos are usually served with boiled potatoes. 


Nikkei Cuisine

It is an exciting and refreshing cuisine that consists of several hybrid dishes. Among the most outstanding we can mention the tiradito, a mixture of sashimi and ceviche, and octopus to the olive, octopus covered with a vibrant olive. 


Quinoa Dishes 

It is extremely versatile and venerated by people with celiac disease, because it is a tasty substitute for wheat; This superfood occurs in the regions of Puna and the Andes, and is part of many dishes such as tamales, soups, quinoa stews and salads. 


Pork Chop Sandwich

This is a fast food option among Peruvians at any time of the day. The perfect chicharrón sandwich is considered succulent and crunchy in a single bite.

American Guinea Pig

This meat was eaten before and after the Inca period; It is a low fat and nutritious option that you could actually enjoy.


Causa stuffed with chicken

This is another dish that dates from the pre-Columbian era; the causes were traditionally prepared by mixing yellow potatoes with chili. They are almost like a sandwich where potatoes replace bread; the causes are filled with chicken or tuna salad and mayonnaise is added. 


Do you need something sweet that gives you energy? These donut-like rings are prepared with sweet potatoes and pumpkin, seasoned with anise and cinnamon and then bathed in fig syrup, passion fruit or sugar cane. It is a deliciously exotic combination that exceeds simple donut rings. 


Suspiro Limeño

It is a two-layer candy that you will probably want to share due to its exorbitant sugar content. The cloying base of the Lima sigh is made of white manjar candy, and then it is covered by a merengue with an infusion of port wine and a touch of cinnamon is added.

The Central Restaurant 

The restaurant Central once again stood out in the ranking of a British publication, being fourth in a list of 50. This new news has returned to Peruvian gastronomy in the eyes of the world.


Also, users on the Internet have begun to ask about the cost of the dishes in this prestigious place of Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez, located in the district of Miraflores.


The information published on the website of the restaurant reveals that the prices are not as expensive, as one might think, due to the excellent level of attention and the quality of the dishes that accept the great distinction.


In the Central letter you can find tickets ranging from 40 to 80 soles. Hot ceviche, purple charcoal octopus, lacquered shrimp, beef gizzard are some of the offers. 


The price of the bottom plates can vary between 70 and 80 soles. Crunchy sea bass, sado grouper, stewed paiche, among others, are some of the recommendations. 


Between 30 and 40 soles costs a sweet to close lunch or dinner at the Central restaurant. In this case, desserts with a combination of fruits stand out. 


The ranking was sent by the British magazine "Restaurant" and also appear Astrid and Gastón (30th position) and Maido (13th position) 


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