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Choquequirao Trek Difficulty

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Choquequirao Trek Difficulty

The Choquequirao route maybe is not famous but is well known by many travelers that want a challenging week, is not enough to visit Machu Picchu going by bus, it has to be worth every step we take along the way maybe it will be tiring but we will have beautiful landscapes every second that passes. Is for that many tourists say Choquequirao's archaeological site is almost as Machu Picchu because of its architecture. Geographically they are in similar places, between the Andean Valleys to the jungle area both are connected by a system of similar roads, also the location of the archaeological site is 3050m in relation to the Apurimac river 1550m above the sea level.


This beautiful site also called the "golden cradle" was made especially by people who like beautiful landscapes and challenging routes, the difficulty is harder but final, all the tiring hike has a reward. So realize the Choquequirao hike has to see the will self and a good physical condition, which would be great to develop your resistance to pass the hike easier.


Choquequirao Trek


Choquequirao Trek Difficulty Per Day

Day 01: Cusco - Cachora - Coca Masana - Rosalina Beach 
The walking distance is 9 km and the difficulty is easy. 
Day 02: Rosalina Beach - Choquequirao 
The walking distance is 15 km and the difficulty is easy to moderate. 
Day 03: Choquequirao - Raqaypata 
This day we explore Choquequirao early, and then return to our Raqaypata campsite at afternoon. 
Day 04: Raqaypata - Coca Masana 
The walking distance is 15 km and the difficulty is almost challenging. 
Day 05: Coca Masana - Cachora - Cusco
Last day we reach Cachora with a return bus to Cusco.

Physical Condition

Generally, before the hike need to do more exercise for more advantages people think that with only exercises are ready. Don't take a mistake because the physical condition has more thing to develop, for example, the healthy food is an assential way to increase your resintace because vegetables and lentils are important, in  Cusco also has a famous and magic ingredient the "coca leaf", people say magic because when chew it incredibly your resistance and energy increases, the "chaskis" were people who send info to other far side and the transportation they used was only the legs. 

Choquequirao Machu Picchu Hike


Acclimatization is important

The acclimatization is another important factor you'll have to realize because in some cases travelers suffer the sickness mountain or "soroche", to avoid this annoying one is necessary spend one day in Cusco, sometimes for children is better a couple of days. During the path is probable suffer headache or diziness because the acclimatization was incorrect, in this case try to take a coca tea, it will improve our discomforts. 


A good trekking shoes

The physical resistance is not the only thing you have to do, also a good trekking shoes, if buy a new try to go out and walk for soften the shoes. Bring a waterproof, it's so important especially during rainy seasons. Drink too much water is vitally important during the path, the hydration is fundamental either for can finishe the challenging hike or for your own health.


Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu


Tips for your Choquequirao hike:

  • Remember any age is fine for realize Choquequirao hike as long as one is in good shape and not have some problem walking. Children who want do the excursion will under the responsability of the parents, older people also have the possibility to hiking, it depends only need to go with your doctor for a fitness test. 
  • Train the maind and the body, training for you salkantay trek is much more that just going to run a couple of times per week. You'll need to prepare  your body and not only to endure longer hikes but to also be strong enough to carry of that additional with you in your back. That´s why is better to do a combinations of cardio and body stregthening exercises but also go to acutal hikes, and besides, those can be a lot more fun and prepare you for the actual climb physically and mentally, don't forget,  the attitude you have with you is everything. 
  • A good information is know the maximun altitude that is 3035m in hte main square and the minimum of around 1500m at "Playa Rosalina", other good point is because the climate is warm and the percent our favor will be nice to avoid altitude or mountain sickness. 
  • As regards the availability of the excursion to Choquequirao archaeological site is normally with good news, either in dry or rainy seasons.
  • Get to Cusco as early as possible to help your body acclimatize, that´s why I was saying because this is the best advice, try to spend at least a few days in Cusco and avoid plan any spectacular or over tiring activities then. Leave those for after you're done with your hike to Machu Picchu and focus on getting some rest. 
  • Again, you should pay attention to your diet and water intake while you're there. Skip alcohol and replace it with water, drinking a plenty of water (at least 2.5 liters per day) will really make a tremendous difference on how your body copes with the height it also help about headaches. Though, the paracetamol pill will also relieve the symptoms. But not have scary, just take it easy and enjoy the tour.

Choquequirao Trek difficulty


Top Treks to Choquequirao

There are two trail trails to Choquequirao and these trails are the most popular among the adventurous:

Alternative trails to Choquequirao

During your visit to Cusco Peru. You can choose the best experience for you. Choose the Choquequirao trek and you can add the additional trip to Machu Picchu. You can hike the Inca Trail tours or any other Machu Picchu tours.


The most popular hikes to the lost city of the Incas are the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Lares Trek, and others mentioned on our alternative hike page.


In case you want to start a relaxing trip without camping or walking, we recommend you the following trip to Inca city.


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