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Day trips from Cusco 2023

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Day trips from Cusco 2023

Seductive, shocking and natural, whose history lives in the streets, squares of its historic center, valleys, and villages. The city of Cusco is an impressive sample of the high Inca engineering that dominated the stone as in Choquequirao, Sacsayhuaman, Quenqo, Tambomachay, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu (the Inca jewel built with the wisdom of the ancient Peruvians in an ecological environment). 


Cusco offers extraordinary historical archaeological attractions, native people of ancestral customs of unparalleled folklore expressed in its fabrics, ceramics, music, dance, and its gastronomy, gaining more life in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and in its rich calendar of festivals and festivals. Check this day trips from Cusco, and marvel at the beauty that Rome of America offers.  


Lake Titicaca tours from Cusco

Every Lake Titicaca tour from Cusco includes visits to the most important attractions between Cusco and Puno; know the town of Andahuaylillas and its beautiful colonial church known as the Sistine Chapel of America, the archaeological complex of Raqchi built in honor of the god Wiracocha, the museum of Pucara, etc.  

Cusco day trips


We started the Lake Titicaca tours from Cusco by the lake at 7:30 am; appreciating its landscape beauty and knowing the riches of the Sacred Lake of the Incas, the highest and navigable in the world, the trip will have duration in a speedboat 2 hours and 40 minutes and accompanied by a specialized guide, after the first tour of 40 min.


We will make the first visit to the islands of the Uros, our walk will last at least 1 hour, and we continue the journey for 1 hour and 30 minutes approx. to reach our final destination, the community of LLachon, located on the banks of the lake, on the Capachica Peninsula.  


We can appreciate the landscape of the area, as well as the inhabitants, with their typical clothes and rustic homes. A family will welcome us into their home, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a cultural demonstration consisting of dances, music, textiles and daily activities that the very willing comuneros will prepare. Lunch will also be at family home. Return to Puno approx. 16: 30hrs. 


Day trips from Cusco

Day trips from Cusco to Sacred Valley 

The Sacred Valley is comprised between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, has wonderful landscapes, where its inhabitants, natives of the Quechua ethnic group, conserve many customs, ancestral rites and diverse expressions of art that remains as a living culture. In the Sacred Valley beautiful colonial towns are disseminated that were created as reductions of Indians, and that today show their miscegenation in architecture, art and living culture. There are Chinchero and his weavers, Písac and its craft fair, Urubamba and its cosmopolitanism and Ollantaytambo, with its fortress and its Inca people alive.  



On this day trips from Cusco to Sacred Valley, passengers from your hotel are picked up from 7.50 to 8:30 a.m. Then we go to the Sacred Valley (1 ½ hours of travel) to visit the most important places of the Valley, we will start visiting the villages, traditional markets and Pisac archaeological center, from where you can appreciate the impressive platforms of the Inca period and the people of it. Continuing with the trip through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we make a stop, for the (buffet lunch in tourist restaurant of Urubamba). After lunch, about 30 minutes away, we will enjoy the Ollantaytambo fortress and observe the agricultural areas; what stands out most is the cultivation of rainfed corn, without irrigation, also the cultivation of Andean tubers and cereals. After the visit to this archaeological center we went to the town of Chinchero on the way to Cusco, where we can visit the colonial temple with interesting frescoes in the portico built on the foundations of an Inca building. Arriving in Cusco at around 7:00 p.m.  


Cusco city tour

The ancient capital of the Inca Empire, Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Walking through the historic center is to travel over a city designed and designed by the Incas. When the city took over the Spanish conquerors in the sixteenth century preserved its structure, but built churches and palaces on the ruins of the temples and monuments of the Inca city, today is the coalition of two architectural styles that make it unique in the world, It is an opportunity to appreciate architectural and art gems that enclose their centuries-old or millenary walls. The highlights are the Plaza de Armas, the Coricancha the Inca del Sol temple, churches and monasteries, museums, the San Blas neighborhood and the Indian markets. 

Day trip from Cusco



  • The tour starts picking you up at your hotel between 12:50 hrs. and 13:10 hrs. If your hotel is outside the historic center, we will call you in our office at 1:00 p.m. 
  • First visit the Cathedral: This impressive Colonial Church dates back to the year 1960 is located in the main square of Cusco, was declared a world heritage site in 1972. 
  • The second place is the Temple of Qoricancha: Temple of the Sun was the most venerated and respected. 
  • These two places are the most representative within the city of Cusco once visited we will go a few minutes outside the city of Cusco heading to Sacsayhuaman. 
  • Sacsayhuaman is one of the Inca constructions that most astonishes tourists who, according to the hypothesis, point out that it would have been a very important ceremonial center and not a fortress.
  • Now we go to Qenqo: K`enko, which means "labyrinth", perhaps through the labyrinthine underground galleries or through the small canals carved into the rocks in a zigzag pattern.
  • PucaPucara: The name PucaPucara comes from Quechua voices puca, 'red', and pucara, 'fortress or defended place', meaning 'red fortress'; the rocks with which it has been built turn reddish with the twilight. 
  • Tambomachay: This archaeological center in the time of the Incas was dedicated to the cult to the water and so that the head of the Inca Empire could rest. It consists of a series of aqueducts, canals and several waterfalls that run along the rocks. The surprising thing about this is that, from a main waterfall, the Incas created two secondary waterfalls, which are exactly the same. 
  • That is, if one places two empty bottles, one in each waterfall, the two are filled at the same time. 
  • We will finish our tour at 6:00 p.m.


Humantay Lake day trip

Humantay Lake day trip, a whole day's walk, which starts at Soraypampa and after walking for a certain time we will arrive at the Humantay Lake. 


This tour is an option thinking of people who like hiking and nature and do not have many days, on the route we will appreciate beautiful landscapes, crops of different products such as corn, avocado, squash and others that are produced in this Limatambo valley. The Humantay lagoon is located at 4180 meters above sea level with a turquoise coloration, and the Humantay or Apu Humantay peaks to be connected with nature.

Cusco day tours


  • 5:00 hrs. Departure from Cusco to Mollepata Breakfast 9:00 hrs. arrival in Soraypampa. Soraypama is the start of the road to Salkantay located at 3880 m.s.n.m. 
  • 09:30 hrs Start of the trek to the Laguna de Humantay. 
  • 10:30 hrs. arrival at the Humantay lagoon and guided tour through the Huamantay lagoon. 
  • 12:00 hrs. return to Soraypampa. 
  • 1:00 pm lunch in Soraypampa. 
  • 14:30 hrs. return to the city of Cusco 
  • 5:00 pm Arrival in Cusco  

Trips to Cusco


Zipline in Cusco

You will have the opportunity to fly over the Peruvian Andes and enjoy panoramic views of the sacred valley, in addition to feeling the adrenaline suspended in the air and flying at high speeds. zipline in cusco peru Our service starts with pick-up from your hotel between 8:30 and 9:00 for the group in the morning, or 1:30 to 2:00 for the group in the afternoon; and then go to the Community of Racchi (1 hour of trip approx.) where we will carry out the activity of the Zip Line, on the way we can stop at the Racchi Viewpoint and thus be able to appreciate the Majestic Sacred Valley; Arriving at the community we will equip ourselves with safety equipment such as harnesses, helmet and gloves, to later have a detailed instruction on the optimal development of this activity, as well as safety measures and precautions. Later we will carry out the activity that is accompanied by a magnificent natural landscape, where we will begin to slide through the different cable we have and feel the maximum sensation of flying, the first cable is very soft so that the participant can enter in confidence and become familiar with the activity , the second cable is the fastest to imagine the maximum sensation of flying, the third cable is the longest where the participant has time to perform extreme pirouettes or positions and finally the fourth cable is the deepest with the best views of the canyon, sacred valley, mountains and snowy peaks. At the end of the activity returns to the city of Cusco. 


Rainbow Mountain tour from Cusco

Walking through the Andes through villages with living traditions, Cusco is the ideal place for outdoor sports and adventure. Surprise yourself with a destination without equal: the Walk to the Mountain of 7 Colors of a day. The Vinicunca mountain, known as La Montaña 7 Colores or Montaña Arco Iris, offers you a dreamlike landscape by having the seven colors of the rainbow stacked one on top of the other. Like a multicolored mantle or the reflection of the rainbow on earth, Vinicunca rises to be admired throughout the year. This destination is almost 5,000 meters high (16,400 feet) and three hours of walking. The radiant sun will accompany you along the route as well as families of llamas such as llamas or alpacas, sheep, horses and the imposing landscape of mountains that will be the protagonists of your photographs.

Day trip from Cusco 


  • Pick up at your hotel from 03:30 am. at 4:00 a.m. 
  • Transfer by bus, we will leave the city of Cusco travel time 2 hours and 45 minutes to the community of Japura where we will have our breakfast. 
  • Then we will continue for 15 more minutes until Pitumarca (Quesiyono) 4,350 m.s.n.m. approx. from where we will begin with our walk through an easily accessible path for an estimated time of 3 hours and we will arrive at the Mountain of Colors Vinicunca, with magical landscapes located at 5,000 m.s.n.m. approx.
  • After enjoying the wonder that our mother nature presents us, we will return by the same route, where our transport awaits us and then we move for 15 minutes to lunch place. 
  • Afterwards we return to Cusco, approx. 7:00 pm 


Inti Raymi Festival

The Sun, considered the most important god of the entire Inca Empire, was worshiped by the Incas, therefore, one of the most important celebrations during the time of the Incas was that of the "Inti Raymi or Fiesta del Sol"; a celebration in honor of the god Inti (the Sun). Learn more about the Inca culture participating in this great celebration. 


This tour starts at 08:00 hrs., With the pick-up from the hotel, from there we go to the first place. The festival of Inti Raymi consists of three scenes that take place in three different places, starts at the Qoricancha Palace on the Sun Ave., then we go to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco where the second scene takes place and finally ends with the Special and main scene in the Plaza de Sacsayhuaman 3 km. outside the city, where we moved by bus.


South Valley Cusco tour

South valley Cusco tour was a very important place for the development of the Inca Empire; It is the perfect route for people looking to experience archaeological sites and magnificent landscapes, without so much company and in a short period of time Itinerary of our tour in the South Valley of Cusco.



The South Valley Cusco tour starts picking you up at your hotel between 08:40 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., if your hotel is outside the historic center, we will call you at our office at 8:40 a.m., our address is Calle Garcilaso 210 Of.109 (Reference: we are 3 minutes walking from the Plaza de Armas). The tour begins visiting the Chapel of Andahuaylillas also known as the Sistine Chapel of the Andes, then we went to the archaeological site of Pikillacta which are made up of the remains of the ancient city of Peru. Finally we will visit the Temple of the Water known as Tipon, place in the caul worshiping the water. We will be back in Cusco at approximately 2:00 pm, in each place you have approximately 40 minutes of visit time.


Cusco Multi day tours



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